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The Curio Molecular Designer will allow you to help us design new materials. By following simple chemical rules and using our predictive model, you can help us develop new candidates for solar cell materials.

Curio is a generalized citizen science marketplace designed based on extensive research studying how scientists work, and new ways in which crowd-sourcing can help augment their processes. Curio provides tools that allow scientists to create new projects within minutes, access different crowds (citizen scientists, students and other experts), control various aspects of the crowd-sourcing process (e.g., keeping a project private or public), visualize and debug the crowd-sourced results, and communicate with participants in a meaningful and efficient way.

Every project on Curio is question driven: the platform draws on the natural curiosity of the crowd to help with research tasks that seek to answer those questions, and allows citizen scientists to visualize the partial results whenever possible. This is in contrast to other platforms, where participants collect and annotate data in an open-ended way, not knowing exactly how and when the data will be used. Curio is meant to be fun too — as users participate, they will earn rewards that lead to prizes (e.g., 3D printed molecules, molecular model kits, and other items); users can also collect scientific “curios” by saving to their “curio cabinet” any interesting objects that they encounter in a project.

The Curio project is led by a team of computer science researchers and students at the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, with the purpose of advancing human computation research and accelerating discoveries in sciences and humanities.

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