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How to Cite

If you use data from the Clean Energy Project Database in your research, we would greatly appreciate the following citations:

  • J. Hachmann, C. Román-Salgado, K. Trepte, A. Gold-Parker, M.A. Blood-Forsythe, L.R. Seress, R. Olivares-Amaya, A. Aspuru-Guzik, The Harvard Clean Energy Project Database,

In addition, the analysis of the top ranked candidates is described in the following manuscript in preparation:

  • J. Hachmann, R. Olivares-Amaya, A. Jinich, A.L. Appleton, M.A. Blood-Forsythe, L.R. Seress, S. Atahan-Evrenk, S. Er, R. Mondal,  A. Sokolov, Z. Bao, A. Aspuru-Guzik, Lead candidates for high-performance organic photovoltaics from high-throughput quantum chemistry – the Harvard Clean Energy Project. In preparation.
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