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Many World Community Grid members have asked us to recommend custom project settings for CEP2. The Harvard team has compiled these tips on what settings are reasonable from our experience of managing about 30 CEP2 hosts (ranging from rather old laptops to powerful workstations). You can download our summary sheet (pdf file, 130Kb). Please note that results will vary for different hardware and that these recommendations are not necessarily valid for other projects on the World Community Grid!

This video tutorial outlines setting up an account on the World Community Grid and how to begin crunching for the Clean Energy Project.  Note that this tutorial uses an older version of our website - we hope to update it soon.  Instead of navigating to cleanenergy.harvard.edu and then clicking the orange button, you can start by clicking the button at the top of this page to go directly to the World Community Grid webpage.

This advanced tutorial outlines how to adjust your settings to optimize the performance of your computer.

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